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This educational activity will facilitate, learner-centered, self-learning process to address the learners needs by creating an opportunity for interaction with mid-carrier academics from all the disciplines in the university. 

Current status of the quality of academic program in your faculty and what do you expect to achieve in quality assurance activities process and what are the barriers and how to resolve (focus on 8 criteria)

Current status of the faculty, positives and drawbacks and suggestions to resolve. Readiness for an E version of SER.


Introduction; Training program for management assistants was developed in collaboration with the registrar and senior management assistants after an analysis of in-depth survey on training needs. The education program envisages to enrich the capacity, motivation and character quality to enrich the functionality of the office environment. The SDC wil promote experiential learning as a community of learners in collaboration with the team.

Three-day workshop; SDC will conduct a 3-day face to face workshop for a group of 30 participants at a time and will conduct 12 such programs over one year to cover 360 participants. Series of interactive lectures will introduce the process of learning. This series will cover; recognition of self and self-motivation, administrative and financial responsibilities and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Three months follow up experiential learning; The 3-day face to face work shop is expected create the beginning for lifelong learning, that will be followed over a period of 3 months during a process of collaborative on the job learning as a community of learners with the support from designated mentors selected by participants and recognized by SDC.

Assessment; The success of the participants would be evaluated by five mandatory activities to perform during the follow up experiential learning as reported by the mentor as well as performance evaluation by the heads of department and stakeholder feedback.

Program evaluation; The effectiveness if the program would be evaluated by the participants satisfaction, improvements demonstrated in activities and improvements recognized by the mentors and heads of the department.

At the end of the successful completion a certificate is awarded.


The program is targeted at the academic staff members (probationary) awaiting confirmation.

The program is targeted at the academic staff members (probationary) awaiting confirmation.

The program is targeted at the academic staff members (probationary) awaiting confirmation.

Communication Skills for Medical Administrators [Experiential Learning]

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